A Followup to “#GamerGate Viewed from the Right”

John Glanton of the wonderful site SocialMatter.com has written this lovely piece about #GamerGate, the online movement that I’ve been involved in. Of course, as a #GamerGate stormtrooper and general loudmouth, I can’t help but add my thoughts to it.

In context, Glanton notes that the enemies of #GamerGate have labeled us as right-wing. And at a glance, they would seem correct. Several prominent, respected right-wing individuals and outlets like Justine Tunney(1), Vox Day(2), and of course Breitbart.com(3) have thrown their full support behind the movement. And of course, the left-wing media no doubt has tried their hardest to smear #GamerGate as an evil right wing movement(4). Obviously, as most rough studies show, this is hardly the case(5). For the most part, #GamerGate identifies as left-leaning liberals. There are open feminists in #GamerGate’s ranks, such as Christina H. Sommers.

For this reason, I do not see #GamerGate as a direct challenge to the cathedral. Rather, it is instead simply the evolution of the cathedral. See, Glanton gets a lot of stuff right- he points out that #GamerGate uses the terms and ideology of the cathedral. However, I don’t think he sees his point through to its conclusion: #GamerGate is the next evolution of progressive ideology. Mencius Moldbug uses the “Minotaur” analogy in his celebrated essay “How Dawkins Got Pwned” (A delightful yet intellectually challenging piece that I’m still struggling to make it all the way through) to describe how the cathedral evolves: Minotaur 42 attacks Minotaur 41 and takes it over. M.42, now dominant, keeps M.41 around as a sparring partner, to beat on until M.43 arrives presumably to conquer M.42(6). I suspect that #GamerGate is the first sign that M.43 has arrived.

See, the rise of the Dark Enlightenment was easily aided and abetted by M.42, the cathedral as we know it today. The hyper-sensitive, vicious, sociopathic “Social Justice Warriors” were not subtle at all with their agenda of total ideological world conquest. Indeed, the most effective recruiting poster for conservatism or even neoreaction is simply to show someone how outright insane these SJWs are. They make no effort to hide that the radical progressive left is the modern establishment, and that you better toe the line or else. M.42’s greatest flaw was its overzealous nature. The cathedral never does well when it is out in the open, because people will reject it on instinct. Its success lies on its covert nature, focusing on subverting its opposition instead of crushing them with brute force.

And so, M.43 will be different. The feminists and progressives inside #GamerGate will take control as the new establishment, using positive reinforcement and “weaponized nice” to continue the conquest of the world. And trust me; they will do a much better job than M.42 ever did.

So all that aside, why am I, a self-proclaimed neoreactionary, supporting M.43? Because in my mind, M.43 is actually weaker than M.42. See, M.42 actively looked for people like me to systematically purge and eradicate. M.43 will not do that. They will obviously passively pick me apart and challenge me, but they have too much human decency to directly attack me. And of course, in not doing that, they allow people like myself to continue to deconstruct and pick apart the cathedral as an institution. Indeed, M.43 wants to go back to the Age of Enlightenment, with free speech and open forums for discussion. And I say let them: it will only give us more of a platform to continue growing and growing. We hardly need to even adapt for M.43. We can just keep doing what we’re doing, and keep on winning people over.

  1. “For ten years, social justice warriors have been waging culture war on social media. #GamerGate is the FIRST concerted effort to fight them.”– Justine Tunney
  2. “We Can Do That”– Vox Day
  3. “Feminist Bullies Tearing Video Game Industry Apart”– Milo Yiannopoulous
  4. “Gamergate’s vicious right-wing swell means there can be no neutral stance”– Jon Stone
  5. “Gamergate Attitude Polls”– Grimachu
  6. “How Dawkins Got Pwned”– Mencius Moldbug

2 thoughts on “A Followup to “#GamerGate Viewed from the Right”

  1. Thoughtful response here. I’ll only add something that I ought to have stated more explicitly in the original article. I don’t expect all of the rank-and-file GamerGaters to fall in with our agenda. (In that respect, your M.43 prediction seems correct.) The best case scenario, in my view, is simply that some of the young men of the movement recognize their enemy for what it really is, recognize the war they’ve been dragged into for what it is, and begin to conduct themselves accordingly.


  2. I would make 2 points. 1)Regardless of the blustering on either side of the issue, I’m not at all convinced of the “socially transformative power” of social movements; ie the belief that social movements affect nearly as much change as they claim. 2) in that light, the proclamations from both sides that they are shaping the world to their very will seems suspicious at its base, regardless of what political aims either side claims. I think your talk about the cathedral is quite interesting though.


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