I just want to write about wrestling, dammit!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: All the proof of this crazy little adventure is available to be downloaded here.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Since according to Brianna Wu this is how you’re supposed to handle these things, you can donate to me here.

So last night I watched Wrestle Kingdom 9 and have 7 pages worth of notes on the matter. Since the piece I want to write about Dark Souls is going nowhere, I figure I’ll write my review for the show instead. Granted, since I’ll be breaking it down match-by-match and I only get a few hours a day, this’ll take some time.

Anyway, so I get out of work early today and can’t wait to go home and work on my review. Unfortunately, as I walk through the door, I’m confronted by my sister, who tells me that a threatening voicemail was left for me on the home phone. It seems that on twitter I’ve run afoul of one Bobby Olivera, who seems to have an issue with #GamerGate supporters. And here I am trying to lessen my activity in the movement…

Since the voicemail contains sensitive information, I’ll give you the general gist of it. Bobby directed it at my parents (both at work at the time) and tried to say that, as a kid “fresh out of high school”, (I’m actually 21) it would be a shame if I got targeted in some sort of anti-#GamerGate operation and my parents should talk to me about #GamerGate. In truth, it was hard to make out most of the time: sounds like Bobby’s been hitting the crack pipe again! This was followed up by a tweet telling me that if my dad didn’t answer his phone soon, the next call would be from his lawyer, and soon he’d be served papers.

Let me make one thing clear: Bobby is obviously bluffing. I’ve followed Todd Kincannon and I know that Bobby is full of hot air. He’s a washed up crackhead wife beating piece of shit who thinks that if he attacks widowed scholars and handicapped entrepreneurs enough he’ll get a nice big ol’ pat on the back from the rehab folk. Truth is, he’s got nothing. I’ve already talked to the police, and they’ve told me to keep me posted if he tries to contact me or my family again. In the mean time, I’ve already blocked his number, so that problem is already solved.

My personal twitter’s avatar is Sundowner for a reason, Bobby: I’m fucking invincible. So run along now, and let me get back to working on my blog.


3 thoughts on “I just want to write about wrestling, dammit!

    • Funny enough, given how my employment situation isn’t very stable due to most places only hiring seasonally, I’ve been considering crowdfunding the blog as a means of maintaining some sort of steady income.


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