The Right Vidya is now on Gratipay!

Tired of seeing insane, neurotic SJWs make loads of money off of crowdfunding?

Want to show that there’s a good market for alternative schools of critical thought?

Well then, I’m proud to announce that you can now fund The Right Vidya using Gratipay! Gratipay is the future of crowdfunding, a weekly pay-as-you-will model to support content creators that you like! That’s right, pay as you will! Pay whatever you want per week! One dollar! A hundred dollars! Whatever you want! Sky’s the limit!

By signing up and donating to The Right Vidya, you ensure that this blog will continue to pump out quality thinkpieces on a weekly basis! You’re funding cutting-edge, never-seen-before critical analysis of video games, pro wrestling, and other parts of nerd culture!


In all seriousness, I’ll be out of work until April at the earliest, so any donations you make would be my sole source of income until then. I fully intend to give back to the community when I make enough money. Donations would be gratefully appreciated in the mean time.


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