A special funding announcement

Last week, I set up my gratipay account. While I’ll admit that I’m frustrated with the lack of contributions, a recent event helped my put things into perspective. Adult entertainment star “Cytherea” was recently attacked in her home, viciously sexually assaulted, and robbed. While I understand that pornography is a dangerous field, the sheer brutality and savagery of the crime is horrifying and almost beyond my comprehension.

I live with my family in a nice neighborhood, with a drastically low crime rate. I have a happy, healthy life where I don’t worry about much. My life is not in danger, and the worst I’ve ever had to put up with was an ugly bluff from a deranged individual. And yet in spite of this, I have yet to donate to any #GamerGate related fundraising efforts. When I allot my budget, I consistently forget to set aside money for charities or other fundraising efforts.

That’s why I’m announcing that this week, all contributions made to me via Gratipay will be directly donated to Cytherea’s recovery fund. I’ve always believed that a man should look after the people in need of help, no matter what their situation is. This is a chance for me to put my money where my mouth is. You can find the account here, and my pay day is Thursday. Thus, any donations between today and Thursday will be given to Cytherea’s recovery fund. I’d graciously appreciate any help you could give to me, as well as Cytherea.


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