I created TheRightVidya on October 22nd, 2014, in the wake of the #GamerGate controversy. Of course, the idea for the blog had been floating around long before #GamerGate, but when you see an opportunity, you’d be a fool not to seize it. #GamerGate opened the discussion on gaming and nerd culture up for so many more esoteric, unorthodox political viewpoints to come in. My goal with TRV is to help introduce neoreactionary and alternative right viewpoints to nerd culture, and instigate higher-level thought.

If you want to know about me, I’m afraid I’m not that interesting of a person. My name is Dante. I was born and raised in southeastern Pennsylvania to a working-middle edgyclass family. I’m a third-generation descendant of italian immigrants (my father’s side) and a generic WASP mutt (my mother’s side). I spent most of my childhood politically ignorant, and didn’t begin seriously reading political science texts until I had already left high school. I first discovered Mencius Moldbug and Unqualified Reservations during my brief stint in college, where I gave it an idle glance. After leaving college, I went through a string of odd jobs: metalworker, gunsmith assistant, renovator, haunted hay ride actor, and textbook quality assurance. I began reading Unqualified Reservations more seriously, along with the works of Confucius and other classic writers. I’ve also branched out into gender traditionalist work like Jack Donovan’s, and contemporary alt-right blogging and podcasting.

I’ve also been published on TheRightStuff.biz. My work has been featured on XenoSystems, KotakuInAction, The Reactivity Palace, and MyPostingCareer. Likewise, I’ve been praised by high-profile game developers like Adrian Chmielarz, prolific journalists like Milo Yiannopoulos and prominent activists like weev. I’m also proud to say that I pissed off the right people enough to get shout-outs from RedState, The Daily Caller, The Daily Beast, Wonkette, RationalWiki, and Something Awful.

My main focus for the blog is video games, because I’m still a huge nerd at heart. However, I have other interests such as film, literature, anime, extreme music and even professional wrestling. (I’m not exactly elite intelligentsia material here, nor will I claim to be) I do hope to incorporate all of them into this blog as well.


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