Anger, Decorum, and the Pursuit of Truth

Let’s not mince words: last night, I was triggered. It’s not really my place to get angry on a personal level. It’s unbecoming of me as a reactionary, and dare I say, Anissimov-esque. I said last night that I believe in decorum, and I mean it. I think neoreaction as a movement should aspire to a higher level of behavior and decency. That doesn’t mean we can’t cut loose and have fun: Nick B. Steves can still go on the Daily Shoah and call people fags, I can still run TRD, Duck can be Duck. But if we are to be better than the modern world, we must ultimately hold ourselves to a higher standard of behavior than the modern world, primarily in our own spaces. It’s one thing to express moral indignation at a leftist pedophile. It’s another to publicly coax someone to suicide on a semi-intellectual blog. If I cannot exhibit a sense of restraint and formality in my own domain, then what good am I as a moral authority?

Anger is good. I’m not upset that I got angry. I’m actually proud of myself for getting angry. My anger comes from having a sense of right from wrong. I’m angry because I see a bad person doing bad things and barely anyone else being willing to step up and say “no, this is bad, you’re bad and need to be stopped.” My anger comes from my sanity.

I’m upset because I didn’t properly harness my anger. Letting my anger consume me and override my sense of decorum is not healthy. As reactionaries, we must remember that we are subservient to morality, a good much greater than us. As healthy as anger is, it’s petty and personal. Letting this anger override a commitment to public standards of behavior is inherently selfish. No one man is greater than the principles and values of neoreaction. Not Moldbug, not Nick B. Steves, and certainly not me.

This is not an apology. I have no one to apologize to. I have not hurt anyone but myself- through petty anger, I dishonored myself. This is an explanation, an honest reflection on my words and actions, and what they mean. I believe that honesty is the greatest moral good, and that Neoreaction is the fundamental pursuit of truth and a truth-based society. Thus, I must confront the truth of my own actions, and be honest about what I have done and what it means.

Thus, I submit this not as a submissive public confession, but a bold declaration. I will say with authority that I have done wrong to myself. This is the truth of the matter. I am not ashamed to say I have erred, and I will not dwell on it. I will not delete or hide my error, but leave it there for the world to see. I am not ashamed of my mistakes, I will only grow from them. I will move forward in pursuit of the truth and all that is good. I will grow and learn to harness my anger. I will not deny my faults, but work to overcome them.


I Have no Sympy for “Sarah” Nyberg

So some big things have been going down recently. A rabid tranny SJW by the name of Nicky “Sarah” Nyberg who opposed #GamerGate was recently ousted as a pedophile (ignore the WN stuff, no one gives a fuck about that) and suddenly all the big SJWs on twitter are scrambling to cover for him. Recently, he posted some really dumb rant on medium where he tries to insist that none of what he did or said was really his fault and it comes down to how awful internet edgelord culture is and how he’s the victim despite showing naked pictures of his pre-pubesecent cousin to his friends online.

Nyberg’s entire rant centers around how miserable he is that his posting career has caught up to him. Admittedly, that’s a minor concern of mine too. Tomorrow, I go into an Unnamed Postal Service for a job interview. But even if I know for a fact that I’m safe, the familiar anxiety haunts me that someone will tell the HR rep that I’m an evil white nationalist reactionary who makes mean and edgy jokes online and that’s a chance at good money down the toilet. So realistically, I should feel sympathy for “Sarah” Nyberg, right?


See, I found out via their forums that I might be able to get a position as editor for Nothing’s confirmed yet, but the idea of me being an editor for a site that regularly gets thousands of hits per day is overwhelming. I’m still in shock and disbelief that they’d even want my written work on their site. But at the same time, I’m incredibly proud that I’m being recognized for putting in effort to help build and organize a community and a movement. If it was any other website, I’d be putting this on my resume. But I can’t. Hell, I can’t even use my real name when publishing stuff for TRS. The only reason I do so here is because I know it’s obscure enough to keep people from finding it when they google my name. I have to lurk amongst the shadows, and it’s because of “people” (I use that term loosely) like Nyberg.

Nyberg and anti-#GamerGate have spent their entire existence trying to make sure that anyone who publicly speaks up against feminism, racial egalitarianism, and the rest of the dildo that’s getting shoved up western civilization’s ass is quickly rendered unemployable and impossible to socialize with. Make no mistake about it, they want us exiled, if not dead. I’ll confess, I’ve been suicidal before: nothing snaps you out of it like realizing that most people will cheer for your suicide while only your family will mourn you. And given my sister’s reaction to when I casually dropped the N-bomb in the middle of a conversation, I doubt it would even be my entire family.

That’s how cancerous leftism is- it makes you revel in the destruction of good men and women who stand up for what they believe in, people who want to secure a future for their children instead of letting them be raped. It forces you to hide away while mentally disturbed pedophiles are celebrated and cheered on. It’s an evil ideology espoused by evil people. Heroes like Chuck C. Johnson are forced off of twitter while subhumans like Deray McKesson are given invites to Yale.

So no, I don’t feel sorry at all about Nyberg’s past catching up to him. Right now, he’s a victim of the society that he built. No, not teenage edgelording, but rabid callout-culture leftism. I’ve been banned from twitter more times than I can count, and I know Nyberg was responsible for at least one of those bans. I know he also associated with the scumbag who called my parents to try and threaten me, and also pushed for one of my idols to be deported. He is, both directly and indirectly, responsible for one of the biggest obstacles in my struggle to carve out an independent living. He’s part of the reason why I can’t call up all my family and friends and tell them about my possible editorial gig even though I desperately want to. He’s a vile creature, a subhuman piece of filth who celebrates in the destruction of all that is good and pure. Him and people like him will gleefully admit to making life difficult to people like me, and lament that there are consequences to their actions.

So no, I have no sympy for Nicky. None whatsoever. And Nicky, if you’re reading this, I suggest you do what I told you to months ago: go deep-throat a 12-gauge. You contribute nothing positive to this world or the people who live in it. We would all be better off without you. You are a sick and twisted degenerate who only exists to hurt perfectly good people. Fuck off and die, scum.

A followup: Some people have taken issue with that last paragraph. Fine, whatever, it’s edgy, I’ll admit. I had some reservations about posting it because even I believe in decorum. But at the same time, I honestly do want Nicky to kill himself. For those of you who think I’m being extreme, I want you to put yourself in my shoes: imagine that the one part of your life that you’re proud of above all else, the one thing that you legitimately light up when you think about, is also one of if not the most hated and despised things in modern western society. Imagine trying to hide such a major part of your life from your friends, your family, and even your own partner (yes, the irony of being openly gay but closeted alt-right is not lost on me). Imagine the consistent fear of being discovered and losing everything, with no backup net. Imagine the pain from your own father telling you that he was “disappointed” in you chasing your dreams and doing what you loved, when he was the one to tell you to do just that.

Understand where I’m coming from before lashing out at me. Understand the double life that I have to live just so I can have any life at all. Understand the continuous daily turmoil I have to face. Understand the looming threat that no matter how hard I try to protect myself, my entire life could be shattered in an instant by some hook-nosed vermin at the SPLC or ADL. I’m only 21. I have a bright future ahead of me, but it could be destroyed in an instant thanks to scum like Nyberg and the environment that they’ve created. So yes, I’m angry, hateful, and bitter. But I think in this case, I’m right to be. I’ve done nothing wrong, but I’m still the villain. Meanwhile a tranny child predator is now seen as the “hero”. If I didn’t get angry, I’d be insane.

And just when I think I’m done, people on NeoGAF are illustrating my point perfectly: “Out any Gater and report their status to their families, their bosses, their teachers.” Fuck these cancerous little shits. I would love nothing more than to hear them scream as I throw them out of a helicopter. Is that edgy? Maybe, but can you blame me at this point?

So, what’s going on?

Right now, I’m still working on a number of different projects for The Right Vidya. I figured I’d give my dear readers a heads-up on what I’ve got planned:

  • I finally got a copy of Hatred. Since my previous essay on the game is what put me on the map (It appeared on Xenosystems, This Week in Reaction, and even got noticed by an award-winning developer!) I figure I’ll post a full review of the game. My goal is to have that done by Monday, with a post going up that morning.
  • Now that I’ve finished building my kickass gaming PC, I’ve been looking into streaming and video recording. While nothing is set in stone, I’ve been thinking about how many different right-wing themes are in Deus Ex, and how many conversation-starters there are in it. I’d be interested in streaming that, with some alt-right/NRx types being there to discuss it.
  • I’ve been looking into the idea of a TheRightVidya youtube channel, but I’m not terribly certain what I’d want to put on it. If I had enough booze, I’d love to do a drunken let’s play of Postal 2, one of my favorite edgy games. More realistically though, I’m considering a podcast in the vein of Common Filth’s, where I maybe just talk about the week’s big stories in video games and offer some right-wing commentary.
  • In an outburst of frustration upon seeing how much money people will throw at idiots for their stupid shitlib opinions, I’ve sworn that I WILL colonize Patreon, planting the flag of the edgysphere there. When I start producing content, expect that to go up. I don’t even care if you’re all too smart to give money to bloggers. I’ll find a way to make this blog a fiscal success, mark my words!
  • I got my digital packet for the Hugos, I still need to get around to filling out my ballot. Hoping for a major Puppy  victory!

So yeah, that’s about three hundred words telling you what I’m up to. Hopefully my loyal readers are ready to become loyal watchers and listeners!

Some more random thoughts and musings

This week has been pretty hectic, so I’ll just throw out some random stuff. We’re celebrating my dad’s birthday almost all this week, since he’s actually managed to take some time off of work. Hence, things have been pretty slow and plodding.

  • I just got back from seeing Kingsmen. Excellent movie, amazing choreography in the action sequences. It deals heavily with class in England, but in a way that reminds me of Justine Tunney’s plans for Occupy: The elite are detached and awful, and must be replaced with a new elite. It’s unapologetic with its chauvinism and political incorrectness, something that’s also quite refreshing. It’s already on its way out of theaters, but I highly advise you see it if you get the chance. Tomorrow we go and see the new Fast and Furious, and I’m a little less than excited for it.
  • I’ve been considering switching from Gratipay to Patreon- it seems that Patreon gives you a much wider audience and more potential to make some money. Bryce has been doing fairly well for himself, making a few hundred a month. Obviously, I don’t intend to ever get that degree of cash. I want my crowdfunding to be a bit more like a public tip jar, where people who like my work can consider donating to me. Maybe it’s my chronic humility, but I don’t see the idea of making a living off of the donations of random strangers to be that feasible or secure. Even though right now I’m shit broke, I still intend to start working again, since to me crowdfunding has always been supplementary in nature.
  • I recently got mentioned in TRS’s Daily Shoah, and my heart literally skipped a beat. Getting praise from guys like them, Nick B. Steves, Common Filth, and even Nick Land  is worth more than any donations. I know I sound like a huge kiss-ass, but I put all of these guys on a pedestal, and knowing that they like my work really speaks volumes.
  • InternetAristocrat is back, now calling himself Mister Metokur. I’d love to chat with him for TheRightDrama (and I’d love for him to go on Between Two Lampshades for TRS) but honestly, what do I have to offer him? Still, best I can do is add him onto my Beginner’s Guide to the Alt-right. I recall him answering a question of mine months ago about him being into strict Constitutionalism, and I’d love to follow up on that. IA/MM/Jim seems to be a really smart guy, and I’m really interested to see what he’ll be doing next.
  • Speaking of which, it looks like the guide itself is getting some traffic, which makes me happy. My greatest fear though, is still that I’m enabling entryists. I want to make it clear that my guide, a work in progress, isn’t necessarily for neoreaction. As Dampier reminds us, Neoreaction is not a populist movement. Our strength is in our content, not our numbers. Our goal is not to change the world, but to instead help create the people who will change the world. It’s actually better that TRV, rather than help introduce people to neoreaction, instead diverts and directs them elsewhere.
  • I’ve unfortunately relapsed and started playing Minecraft again. Despite the hilariously awful community that the game spawned, I still think Minecraft is genuinely good. It’s extremely satisfying to build yourself a humble little cabin by the river, then expand that cabin into a farm, then slowly improve your farm with brick roads, a dock, and other features. Of course, it’s best when played singleplayer- just one man on his own, braving the elements and even thriving. That in itself is amazingly reactionary: Man makes mother nature his bitch. There’s also another important aspect: you have to work for everything. It’s not like Garry’s Mod where you can just spawn in stuff to play with: everything in Minecraft has to be either built or harvested. It actually builds a really healthy attitude where you learn to work for results.
  • I’ve also been playing the shit out of Medieval II: Total War. So far, my Spanish empire has removed kebab from the Iberian peninsula in a glorious Reconquista before also annexing Portugal. Meanwhile, the Knights of Santiago embarked on a successful crusade, seizing Antioch and the surrounding areas of Aleppo and Adana as well as claiming the Holy Lance of Longinus. I had also discovered the Ark of the Covenant in Cairo, but the brave soul who did it tragically perished on the voyage home. At the present, greedy Frenchmen are trying to snatch up Pamplona from me, but the joke’s on them-  We’ve sailed the Mediterranean to take Toulouse right from the little bastards!
  • In wrestling news, this happened. It might just be my favorite Wrestlemania moment yet if not just because of how fucking dumb it is. While Triple H’s overgrown ego will hurt the company in the long run, his stupid, overdone Wrestlemania entrances will always be lovable. Seriously, go check this shit out.
  • I’ve started reading Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations. While I really like them, it feels like a rehash of the stuff I read in the Analects of Confucius. And while I know I’m gonna piss off a LOT of people by saying this, I prefer Confucius at this point. Aurelius focuses heavily on theory, while Confucius tends to take a more practical approach to his version of stoicism and traditionalism. I’ve always preferred to read about practice more than theory, and part of what I intend to do with TRV is to help translate theory into practice.
  • Speaking of practice, the tragic passing of Lee Kuan Yew has me considering buying his autobiography. Admittedly, my reading list is quite out of whack- I need to finish Aurelius before jury duty on Monday so I can start reading Evola (Yes, I intend to read Julius Evola while on jury duty). At some point in all of this I need to get back to Moldbug, but I also want to read Spengler too, even though I don’t own anything by him yet. And somehow in the middle of all of this I need to fit Plato in!

So yeah, expect things to be fairly silent for the next few days- tomorrow I spend more family time, then Sunday is Easter and all the festivities that entails, and then after that it’s two days in the county court hoping I get to sit in on something interesting. I’ll plug my gratipay again as well as my paypal– donations will go towards me going somewhere nice to lunch and finally buying myself a new pipe!

Random, disjointed thoughts

Right now I’m looking at three half-finished essays on my desktop. One is hopefully going to be published in the lovely Rachel Haywire’s Trigger Warning magazine, the other two are going to show up here. There’s a fourth essay, a run-through of the Donovan Test on Moviebob that I’m going to scrap for a number of reasons. First, it’s a bit mean-spirited. Second, reading his stupid fucking book is giving me a killer headache. I highly regret even downloading it. So in the mean time, have some random, informal thoughts and observations I’ve had this week:

  • The “manosphere” is thoroughly pwned, as Thuthmosis and Roosh’s meltdowns have shown. I’ve previously witnessed incidents like when /u/slutlord-fascist of /r/antiPOZi trolled /r/TheRedPill with some HBD truthbombs, and the wannabe-hardcore PUAs flipped their shit and immediately went into leftist signaling mode, worried that being seen as racist would impede their quest for pussy. Indeed, the “manosphere” is nothing more than a group of peacocks preening and trying to compete for status and attention. It’s embarrassing.
  • The more I watch WWE self-destruct, the more I have my doubts in Justine Tunney and Mencius Moldbug’s ideas about a CEO as king of the country. All it takes is one senile old fool to undo decades of growth and development and possibly irreversibly damage his own company. Dave Meltzer has a great write-up in his Observer newsletter about how Vince is slowly killing his own company through poor booking and egomania.
  • Playing Shovel Knight has really made me remember how much I love video games. It feels great to get angry at myself for fucking up rather than blaming the game. It’s a challenging, engaging experience and I feel like I was right to say it was one of the best things in 2014. I feel like a little kid again thanks to the game, but in all the right ways.
  • Nick Land linked to my piece on Hatred! I don’t comment on Land that much since his work is way beyond my reading level, but it feels great to be noticed. Still, I think my thinkpiece isn’t THAT great. Even though I look at things realistically, I’m not really a fan of pessimism. As cold as I am, I can’t really entirely divorce myself from the human cost of social decay. I’d much rather my work that involves praising people who do things right get promoted instead. Sadly, that seems to be in short supply…
  • Speaking of folks that are doing it right, #GamerGate has been kicking ass and taking names. Nearly any twitter hashtag created to mock #GamerGate has been hijacked and driven into the ground through a wide variety of funposting. The #GamerGate army is strong enough and loud enough to out-muscle even the most vocal of their opposition. Meanwhile, #GamerGate tags like #DontDateSJWs and #LetMarkSpeak will easily get trending worldwide thanks to #GamerGate’s strong willpower. Through the magic of mass-emailing, #GamerGate even cost one SJW writer her job for a poorly-researched hitpiece on 8chan. They might be a mutation in the Cathedral, but damned if I’m not proud of them anyways.
  • Chuck C Johnson is an interesting case. For all intents and purposes, he should have gone rampant long ago in the face of the press and intelligentsia’s attacks. He seems to have a basic grasp of HBD and gender dynamics. However, he obviously is still pwned, parroting the same old conservakin talking points. I do eagerly await the day Johnson finally wakes up, as I feel like his mechanical, brutal investigation process would make him a powerful ally.
  • TheRightStuff (no relation) has probably what’s one of the funniest, most informative podcasts out there with The Daily Shoah. I’d highly recommend you all give them a listen. Their latest guest, Common Filth of Common Filth Radio is also great, and I’d recommend you check out his work as well. It really makes me want to break into the podcast game, albeit that would be down the line.
  • I’ve been working on building my own PC so I can finally join the PC Master Race where I belong. It’s a surprisingly fun project, researching parts and comparing them, plus asking friends for recommendations. I’d highly recommend it to any guy with a good $2,000 to burn.
  • Yesterday I started watching Twin Peaks, and I’m already hooked. I’ve always thought David Lynch was onto something in Eraserhead, especially in terms of focusing on the evils of industrialism and modernity. Of course, Lynch could have just been trolling intellectuals much like Samuel Beckett was in Waiting For Godot, an equally noble cause.

So yeah, that’s a short write-up of what I’ve been up to. Sorry it’s so late, but I do hope to have some sort of new piece up next week. Maybe I’ll take my shit-talking the manosphere to the next level, or I’ll finish one of these pieces I already started. Either way, I’d just like to remind you all that my Gratipay is still open if you want to help fund my work!

A special funding announcement

Last week, I set up my gratipay account. While I’ll admit that I’m frustrated with the lack of contributions, a recent event helped my put things into perspective. Adult entertainment star “Cytherea” was recently attacked in her home, viciously sexually assaulted, and robbed. While I understand that pornography is a dangerous field, the sheer brutality and savagery of the crime is horrifying and almost beyond my comprehension.

I live with my family in a nice neighborhood, with a drastically low crime rate. I have a happy, healthy life where I don’t worry about much. My life is not in danger, and the worst I’ve ever had to put up with was an ugly bluff from a deranged individual. And yet in spite of this, I have yet to donate to any #GamerGate related fundraising efforts. When I allot my budget, I consistently forget to set aside money for charities or other fundraising efforts.

That’s why I’m announcing that this week, all contributions made to me via Gratipay will be directly donated to Cytherea’s recovery fund. I’ve always believed that a man should look after the people in need of help, no matter what their situation is. This is a chance for me to put my money where my mouth is. You can find the account here, and my pay day is Thursday. Thus, any donations between today and Thursday will be given to Cytherea’s recovery fund. I’d graciously appreciate any help you could give to me, as well as Cytherea.

The Right Vidya is now on Gratipay!

Tired of seeing insane, neurotic SJWs make loads of money off of crowdfunding?

Want to show that there’s a good market for alternative schools of critical thought?

Well then, I’m proud to announce that you can now fund The Right Vidya using Gratipay! Gratipay is the future of crowdfunding, a weekly pay-as-you-will model to support content creators that you like! That’s right, pay as you will! Pay whatever you want per week! One dollar! A hundred dollars! Whatever you want! Sky’s the limit!

By signing up and donating to The Right Vidya, you ensure that this blog will continue to pump out quality thinkpieces on a weekly basis! You’re funding cutting-edge, never-seen-before critical analysis of video games, pro wrestling, and other parts of nerd culture!


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Putting this to rest

After some consultation with some friends of mine, I’m going to put all the evidence of my issues with Bobby Oliviera out for the public to see. You can get it from MEGA right here. It’s a .zip file with screenshots and a video of his phone call, as well as a summary of what you’re looking at. For those of you in #GamerGate, I’d hold onto this file, especially now that Bobby’s tried to go to Indiegogo like a dumbass.

Hopefully now we can put all the insanity of January behind us, as I struggle to finish this piece on Papers Please and find some time to finish reading The Way of Men. I want to get more posts out in Febuary than I have any other month so far!

My first #GamerGate email

[note: some information from the original e-mail has been cut so as to preserve the privacy of myself, my family, and others]

To whom it may concern,

Hello, my name is Dante D’Andrea. I am a 21 year old Downingtown resident who works for a local business. I have been a lifelong resident of Downingtown, and intend on calling Downingtown my home for years to come. I love this town, the people who live here, and the wonderful administration that has done so much for me and my family. I was proud to graduate from Downingtown East High School with honors in 2012, and repeatedly represent the school in a number of county-wide academic competitions. I am especially proud that my academic work helped Downingtown East rise to become one of the top high schools in Pennsylvania. I am more than proud to endorse Downingtown’s schools as being exceptionally skilled at handling students like myself diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorders as well as mental illness, and providing a welcome space for LGBT individuals like myself.
[Information redacted as it pertains to my family’s involvement in the local community]

Unfortunately, it seems that my family, and possibly Downingtown as a whole, has been caught up in some unpleasant business. I personally identify with the online consumer activist movement known as #GamerGate. #GamerGate is a movement primarily focused on reform in video games journalism. If you wish to learn more about #GamerGate, I will direct you to our rather lengthy, yet comprehensive press dossier. There is also an abridged version that will explain #GamerGate and its goals. I was primarily attracted to #GamerGate for two reasons. First, the document that started it all, TheZoePost, was a heartwrenching tale of emotional abuse and manipulation that spoke to me as an abuse survivor myself. The idea that games media has and intends to continue protecting an abuser like Zoe Quinn is something I cannot in good conscience allow to continue. Second, what drove me to get involved even more was the campaign of organized hate and harassment carried out by press outlets and anti-#GamerGate activists all in the name of “social justice”. As a disabled LGBT individual, seeing people being attacked and livelihoods ruined supposedly in my name is upsetting and distressing.

Sadly, this has brought me and my family into the crosshairs of one Robert “Bobby” Oliviera of Utica, New York. For reasons yet unknown to me, Mr. Oliviera has decided to attack #GamerGate and its supporters. Mr. Oliviera claims to head a number of Political Action Committees, and my own research has revealed two: Quahogs United and Total Newport Campaign. Because I personally criticized his behavior of organizing harassment against public #GamerGate supporters, he has now decided to harass me and my family. I have attached multiple screencaps of Oliveira discussing his intention to harass me, my family, and other individuals, as well as one threatening phone call that I received at my house. I have reported this call to the police as well as blocked Mr. Oliveira’s number, although he claims that he has more numbers and can continue to call my house as much as he wants. I am currently in the process of determining if a restraining order against him is necessary. While so far he has not violated any Pennsylvania state law, I feel that the attached evidence warrants me to reach out to my local government to keep myself and my family safe.

Mr. Oliviera so far has discussed organizing demonstrations against me and my family outside of our place of residence as well as running televised ads against me and my family on cable television. His intentions are clear, he wants to cost my father his job and force us out of our home. While by his own admission Oliviera has a history of abusing crack cocaine and suffers from bipolar disorder, I still feel that as a responsible citizen I should take any perceived threat to myself, my family, and my community very seriously.

If the information I present to you in this email can lead to some sort of possible action to protect me and my family from Mr. Oliviera and whatever company he keeps, I would like to know. Tomorrow (January 8th) I intend to visit the police station and speak with Chief [name redacted], as well as call the borough solicitor, two parties that Mr. Oliviera claims to have spoken to. If there is another public official who could help me, I would appreciate it if you forwarded this information to them as well as provided me with their information. If Mr. Oliviera contacts you or any of your associates, I would strongly appreciate it if I was informed, as well as provided with a possible recording or transcript of his communications. If you wish to meet with me in person to discuss the issue, I would be more than willing to set up a time and date. I would like to state in advance that I am on the autistic spectrum and have social anxiety issues, and so phone calls and face-to-face conversations can be a bit difficult. However, I am willing to do whatever it takes to protect my family, disabilities or not. However, for the sake of my family’s privacy and emotional well-being, I would like all contact to be made with me.

If you want to discuss the issue further, I can be reached at [number redacted]. The account I am emailing you from is my public personal one, and replies will also be appreciated. I want nothing more than to see my family safe and for this issue to be resolved calmly and peacefully. I am extremely grateful for your time, and I hope that we can find a solution to this shortly.


Dante C. D’Andrea

[Address redacted]

I just want to write about wrestling, dammit!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: All the proof of this crazy little adventure is available to be downloaded here.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Since according to Brianna Wu this is how you’re supposed to handle these things, you can donate to me here.

So last night I watched Wrestle Kingdom 9 and have 7 pages worth of notes on the matter. Since the piece I want to write about Dark Souls is going nowhere, I figure I’ll write my review for the show instead. Granted, since I’ll be breaking it down match-by-match and I only get a few hours a day, this’ll take some time.

Anyway, so I get out of work early today and can’t wait to go home and work on my review. Unfortunately, as I walk through the door, I’m confronted by my sister, who tells me that a threatening voicemail was left for me on the home phone. It seems that on twitter I’ve run afoul of one Bobby Olivera, who seems to have an issue with #GamerGate supporters. And here I am trying to lessen my activity in the movement…

Since the voicemail contains sensitive information, I’ll give you the general gist of it. Bobby directed it at my parents (both at work at the time) and tried to say that, as a kid “fresh out of high school”, (I’m actually 21) it would be a shame if I got targeted in some sort of anti-#GamerGate operation and my parents should talk to me about #GamerGate. In truth, it was hard to make out most of the time: sounds like Bobby’s been hitting the crack pipe again! This was followed up by a tweet telling me that if my dad didn’t answer his phone soon, the next call would be from his lawyer, and soon he’d be served papers.

Let me make one thing clear: Bobby is obviously bluffing. I’ve followed Todd Kincannon and I know that Bobby is full of hot air. He’s a washed up crackhead wife beating piece of shit who thinks that if he attacks widowed scholars and handicapped entrepreneurs enough he’ll get a nice big ol’ pat on the back from the rehab folk. Truth is, he’s got nothing. I’ve already talked to the police, and they’ve told me to keep me posted if he tries to contact me or my family again. In the mean time, I’ve already blocked his number, so that problem is already solved.

My personal twitter’s avatar is Sundowner for a reason, Bobby: I’m fucking invincible. So run along now, and let me get back to working on my blog.