A Beginner’s Guide to the Alternative Right

Since the goal of this page is to introduce people to the alternative right, I might as well try to post some beginner, entry-level reading and listening. The stuff I’m linking here is mostly very prole-friendly: not too much serious high-level academic discourse, but instead just enough to encourage you to learn more. I’ll try to divide these into categories.

First and foremost though, I highly encourage reading Mencius Moldbug’s Gentle Introduction to Unqualified Reservations. Regardless of if you’re interested in Neoreaction, Moldbug’s guide is a thorough debunking of progressive attitudes and talking points. It’s a great read that will open your mind and encourage you to really explore new frontiers.


Jack Donovan: Perhaps the most important writer that you’ve never heard of, Jack Donovan’s work on masculinity and manhood is groundbreaking and earth-shaking. He’s a strong injection of new blood, new ideas, and fresh perspectives into the right. I can’t recommend his work enough. 

Radix Journal:  Radix is a compilation of various right-wing outlets, in this case I’m linking the blog, the most beginner-friendly component of it. It’s got plenty of hot takes on whatever the big issue of the day is. It was founded by paleoconservative Richard B. Spencer, of the National Policy Institute, a former editor of Takimag.

TheRightStuff: Despite having been around for a little over a year, TRS has quickly grown to become one of the largest and loudest voices in the the alt-right following the cuckservative brouhaha. It’s a potpourri of alt-right thought, put out from a wide variety of writers from across the spectrum. (Ethics disclaimer: I’ve written for TRS a number of times)

Taki’s Magazine: Founded by Taki Theodoracopulos upon deciding that his previous venture The American Conservative, was too left-wing for his liking. While it has some recognizable right-wing personalities and could be mistaken for a neocon rag, Takimag is a paleoconservative zine, more than willing to dish out some real talk on topics that the mainstream right won’t touch for fear of riling up the liberal smear machine.

Vox Popoli: Run by the notorious Vox Day of Sad/Rabid Puppies fame, Vox Popoli is a blog centered around basic alternative-right politics as well as periodic insights into sci-fi publishing. A must-read for the nerdy portion of the alt-right.

Weev’s Livejournal: Perhaps the most hated man in tech, this international icon summarized his goal to me the best: “my plan is widening the overton window until genocide is politically acceptable”. Weev’s work in cultural subversion and disruption are notorious, and his insights into tech culture are quite noteworthy.


Common Filth Radio: Produced by Common Filth, this Tuesday show ventures into some of the darkest, most abhorrent cesspools of humanity to show you the truth about the world. Viewer be warned: the content he may discuss isn’t for the faint of heart. A lighter, more palatable work is CF’s Tumblristas series, a new take on Internet Aristocrat’s famous “Tumblrisms” videos.

The Daily Shoah: A goddamn hilarious and also educational weekly (you fucking liars!) two-hour broadcast presented by TheRightStuff.biz. Hosted by SeventhSon and Mike Enoch, the “Death Panel” usually can take really high-level work like Kurt Doolittle’s and condense it down into a more newbie-friendly version that’s more digestible.

Fash the Nation: Another TRS podcast, this show comes from Jazzhands McFeels and Marcus Halberstram. While the Daily Shoah is basically Opie and Anthony but with even more racism, Fash The Nation takes a critical look at beltway politics.

Mister Metokur: Formerly InternetAristocrat, Jim is a self-described “constitutionalist” who’s videos outright mocking and belittling radical leftists and Social Justice Warriors skyrocketed him to fame. While the material might seem comedic and goofy, Jim dissects leftist logic with ease, helping counter most major liberal talking points. Just don’t ask him about #GamerGate- he’d like to move on from all that.

Ramzpaul: Again, more entertainment than substance here, but Ramzpaul has risen to be arguably the most prolific right-wing vlogger for a reason. Scathing but light-hearted, his work has even garnered the direct attention of the SPLC.


/pol/- Politically Incorrect (4chan+8chan): If it’s intelligent discussion you’re looking for, abandon all hope, ye who enter here. /pol/ is a vitriolic board mostly used for trolls, shitposters, and shills. While you might be able to find intelligent discussion and discover new writers and bloggers, you’re more likely to get swept up in some subversive operation to enrage leftists for cathartic amusement. (WARNING: THERE IS PLENTY OF REASON TO SUSPECT THAT THE NEW MANAGEMENT OF 4CHAN MAY BE ENGAGING IN MASSIVE DATAMINING. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.)

/trs/: A subsidiary of TheRightStuff.biz run by yours truly, TRS is supposed to be a more general hangout for alt-right folk and fans of the site to congregate and network. It’s fairly small at the time of this writing, but we’re looking to expand!


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