The Tip Jar

Make no mistake about it, The Right Vidya is a labor of love. I don’t do this for the money, I do it in the hope that I’m contributing something positive to the world. Of course, nothing in this world is free. While I have jobs outside of TRV, those mostly just pay the bills. If you want to show your appreciation for what I do, feel free to pay me using any of these methods:

PAYPAL: If you’re not interested in being a regular contributor, I’ll gladly takeĀ  individual donations on my paypal account. I don’t think Paypal will try to shut me down for TRV, although you can never be too sure. Also, I’ll be pocketing most of the donations made here, although I may also make donations of my own should I get a sufficient amount, or you request that it be shared.


PATREON: Watch this space!


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