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Twitter: I’ve been temporarily ousted, give me some time to figure out how a VPN works so I can get back on without having to constantly worry about my privacy. I’ll also gladly take donations in terms of accounts, shoot me an e-mail to help!

Facebook: Dante DaEdgehog

Steam: DemonKillingExpert

Reddit: /u/TRVDante

Skype: inferno9521 (please do let me know that you found me through my site so I don’t dismiss your contact request as spam!)

Disqus: TRVDante

MyPostingCareer: Internet Enthusiast

Tox: 725B887245A65CD26BD9D98D84F0B85D6645B06459824565B1EB4C0245EEA91CE48A6B2939DA

IRL: Due to my disability, I live with my family who is not actually involved in this work. Since there have been prior attempts to drag them into my business, I cannot disclose this information in public. If you require either my cell phone number or address, you’ll need to demonstrate that I can trust you. I apologize for any inconveniences.


2 thoughts on “Contact Info

  1. Not sure if you care, or if it’s even your real name on the about section of this blog, but just thought I’d let you know that your intro to the alt-right comes up on the first page of google…may want to rethink having real info up if you don’t want assholes fucking with you.


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