Putting this to rest

After some consultation with some friends of mine, I’m going to put all the evidence of my issues with Bobby Oliviera out for the public to see. You can get it from MEGA right here. It’s a .zip file with screenshots and a video of his phone call, as well as a summary of what you’re looking at. For those of you in #GamerGate, I’d hold onto this file, especially now that Bobby’s tried to go to Indiegogo like a dumbass.

Hopefully now we can put all the insanity of January behind us, as I struggle to finish this piece on Papers Please and find some time to finish reading The Way of Men. I want to get more posts out in Febuary than I have any other month so far!


Wrestle Kingdom IX: A Night to Remember

                Wrestling fans in the US will sing the praises of Madison Square Garden and Allstate Arena, but any true fan of the sport will tell you that the greatest wrestling venue known to man is the Tokyo Dome, located in the capital city of Japan. The Dome has housed some of the greatest pro wrestling matches of all time. The Dome has hosted a number of some of the greatest matches in wrestling history. New Japan Pro Wrestling has always made it a point to have their first show of the year at the Dome, the show being the NJPW version of Wrestlemania. This show, called Wrestle Kingdom, is known for showcasing some of the most talented wrestlers in the world today. This latest Wrestle Kingdom, Wrestle Kingdom IX, was no exception. It was not only a dazzling display of excellent wrestling, but a celebration of what it meant to be Japanese, with the traditional values of Japan on full display. So without further ado, let’s dive right in and break this show down match by match.

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My first #GamerGate email

[note: some information from the original e-mail has been cut so as to preserve the privacy of myself, my family, and others]

To whom it may concern,

Hello, my name is Dante D’Andrea. I am a 21 year old Downingtown resident who works for a local business. I have been a lifelong resident of Downingtown, and intend on calling Downingtown my home for years to come. I love this town, the people who live here, and the wonderful administration that has done so much for me and my family. I was proud to graduate from Downingtown East High School with honors in 2012, and repeatedly represent the school in a number of county-wide academic competitions. I am especially proud that my academic work helped Downingtown East rise to become one of the top high schools in Pennsylvania. I am more than proud to endorse Downingtown’s schools as being exceptionally skilled at handling students like myself diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorders as well as mental illness, and providing a welcome space for LGBT individuals like myself.
[Information redacted as it pertains to my family’s involvement in the local community]

Unfortunately, it seems that my family, and possibly Downingtown as a whole, has been caught up in some unpleasant business. I personally identify with the online consumer activist movement known as #GamerGate. #GamerGate is a movement primarily focused on reform in video games journalism. If you wish to learn more about #GamerGate, I will direct you to our rather lengthy, yet comprehensive press dossier. There is also an abridged version that will explain #GamerGate and its goals. I was primarily attracted to #GamerGate for two reasons. First, the document that started it all, TheZoePost, was a heartwrenching tale of emotional abuse and manipulation that spoke to me as an abuse survivor myself. The idea that games media has and intends to continue protecting an abuser like Zoe Quinn is something I cannot in good conscience allow to continue. Second, what drove me to get involved even more was the campaign of organized hate and harassment carried out by press outlets and anti-#GamerGate activists all in the name of “social justice”. As a disabled LGBT individual, seeing people being attacked and livelihoods ruined supposedly in my name is upsetting and distressing.

Sadly, this has brought me and my family into the crosshairs of one Robert “Bobby” Oliviera of Utica, New York. For reasons yet unknown to me, Mr. Oliviera has decided to attack #GamerGate and its supporters. Mr. Oliviera claims to head a number of Political Action Committees, and my own research has revealed two: Quahogs United and Total Newport Campaign. Because I personally criticized his behavior of organizing harassment against public #GamerGate supporters, he has now decided to harass me and my family. I have attached multiple screencaps of Oliveira discussing his intention to harass me, my family, and other individuals, as well as one threatening phone call that I received at my house. I have reported this call to the police as well as blocked Mr. Oliveira’s number, although he claims that he has more numbers and can continue to call my house as much as he wants. I am currently in the process of determining if a restraining order against him is necessary. While so far he has not violated any Pennsylvania state law, I feel that the attached evidence warrants me to reach out to my local government to keep myself and my family safe.

Mr. Oliviera so far has discussed organizing demonstrations against me and my family outside of our place of residence as well as running televised ads against me and my family on cable television. His intentions are clear, he wants to cost my father his job and force us out of our home. While by his own admission Oliviera has a history of abusing crack cocaine and suffers from bipolar disorder, I still feel that as a responsible citizen I should take any perceived threat to myself, my family, and my community very seriously.

If the information I present to you in this email can lead to some sort of possible action to protect me and my family from Mr. Oliviera and whatever company he keeps, I would like to know. Tomorrow (January 8th) I intend to visit the police station and speak with Chief [name redacted], as well as call the borough solicitor, two parties that Mr. Oliviera claims to have spoken to. If there is another public official who could help me, I would appreciate it if you forwarded this information to them as well as provided me with their information. If Mr. Oliviera contacts you or any of your associates, I would strongly appreciate it if I was informed, as well as provided with a possible recording or transcript of his communications. If you wish to meet with me in person to discuss the issue, I would be more than willing to set up a time and date. I would like to state in advance that I am on the autistic spectrum and have social anxiety issues, and so phone calls and face-to-face conversations can be a bit difficult. However, I am willing to do whatever it takes to protect my family, disabilities or not. However, for the sake of my family’s privacy and emotional well-being, I would like all contact to be made with me.

If you want to discuss the issue further, I can be reached at [number redacted]. The account I am emailing you from is my public personal one, and replies will also be appreciated. I want nothing more than to see my family safe and for this issue to be resolved calmly and peacefully. I am extremely grateful for your time, and I hope that we can find a solution to this shortly.


Dante C. D’Andrea

[Address redacted]

It’s Cool To Hate

Hatred, a game announced by the Polish developer Destructive Creations, is in my opinion the apex of art. The game is simple: it revolves around the player character slaughtering as many people as humanly possible. There is nothing light-hearted or ironic about Hatred: the violence is all sickeningly realistic, as is your victim’s pleas for mercy as you heartlessly execute them. The game makes no attempt at hiding the fact that you are not gunning down cartoonish caricatures, but rather real people with real lives. Everything is seen through a dismal, depressing grayscale, with only explosions, sirens, and muzzle flashes sticking out. Everything is rendered in the generic ugliness that only the Unreal Engine can provide. I’m actually very proud to say that the gameplay trailer made me genuinely uncomfortable. This is a game with no redeeming qualities.

One of the things that stood out to me is that one of the developers in the Destructive Creations photo is wearing a Black Witchery T-shirt. From what I’ve gathered, Black Witchery is a black metal band from Florida. Black metal as a genre has always been interesting to me. There’s a great documentary called Until the Light Takes Us which covers the origins of the genre and its eventual development. Most people will agree that the second wave of black metal began with the Norwegian band Mayhem. Mayhem was, from 1989 to 1995, the apex of cool in the same way I see Hatred as being. It was the brainchild of guitarist Euronymous, who, much like Destructive Creations is doing, set out to create a band with no redeeming qualities. He had been disgusted with how death metal had developed a sort of ironic acceptance and was no longer considered truly dangerous. Under Euronymous’s direction, Mayhem strove to reject all that was good and acceptable in the world. He deliberately strove for horrible, low-fi recording, poorly tuned instruments, and painfully harsh vocals.

Mayhem’s stage act was beyond unacceptable, thanks to the work of mentally deranged frontmen who would perform grotesque acts of ritual self-mutilation. People were used to seeing this from punk stars like Iggy Pop and GG Allin, but those had become acceptable under the guise of random chaos. The self-harm that Maniac and his more famous successor Dead brought to the table were deliberate and thus far more messy. To add onto the mix, they would surround the stage in barbed wire to prevent fan interaction and mount severed animal heads fresh from the slaughterhouse onto the mic stands. It was a grotesque, repulsive display. And yet, unlike the punks of England and America, Mayhem was entirely sincere in their transgressions. Indeed, Euronymous reveled in the blatant immorality of Mayhem. He celebrated the burning of churches, and when Dead fatally shot himself, Euronymous took pictures and sent pieces of his skull and brains to other bands he deemed worthy. Before Euronymous’s murder in 1993, Mayhem was easily the most evil band in the world, considered so foul that no media outlet would reach out to them.

This made Mayhem cool. It was cutting-edge, LITERALLY. There was nothing like it at the time. It was the most extreme, most insane band in existence. If you wanted to be the most hardcore metalhead, you listened to Mayhem. It didn’t even matter if you liked the music, liking the spectacle was enough. It was aggressive and transgressive, and it showed that you were willing to put up with what others couldn’t.

I see the same thing in Hatred. It’s a vile, disgusting game that does nothing but celebrate the very real murder of innocents. The developers even outright say that Hatred is a rebuttal to the modern, safe, consumer-friendly indie games. It’s a direct assault on the intelligentsia as much as it is an assault on consumerism. And that’s what makes it genuinely cool. To endorse Hatred with sincerity is to brand yourself a supporter of sincere violence, especially violence against women and minorities. It’s a rejection of all that is good in our culture.

Certainly to the average reactionary, Hatred would seem to be a degenerate sort of game that contributes nothing to a healthy society. And yet, that is why it should be endorsed. See, in Until the Light Takes Us, Varg Vikernes says that his peers were less excited about death and destruction that would come with a possible third world war and more about what would come afterwards: the rebuilding of Nordic society this time based on the old, pre-Christian Nordic ways. However, that meant celebrating the collapse of civilization and the sort of destruction that came with it. In that sense, I would argue that Vikernes is right on the money for neoreaction. Our goal, as Moldbug even reminds us in his Gentle Introduction, is to let things take their course and then step in when democracy, Americanism and the modern world ultimately fails. Thus, much like Mayhem was before us, Hatred is the next step towards the inevitable collapse of the modern world. It is intensely nihlist, rejecting all the modern world has to offer. Indeed, the growing popularity of it despite it being public enemy number one for sites like Polygon, is a sign of growing disenfranchisement with the modern world. At present, the game has already been greenlit by Steam users, and will likely be a best-seller (by indie standards).

And certainly, raising dissent is a noble goal- this piece from Henry Dampier on Socialmatter regarding the recent “Black Brunch” protests summarizes what I’m trying to say. The more people are upset, hurt, and miserable, the more that they will begin to feel disenfranchised and frustrated with the modern world. And of course, as I’ve said before, this will push them into the “despair” phase of rampancy. The worse the world gets, the more and more people will realize that progressivism does not work. Even if they endorse classical liberalism or some other alternative to neoreaction, it still undermines the overall social control of the cathedral. The Chinese mandate of heaven makes it very clear that the consent of the people is derived from their happiness. When we take away that happiness, the consent of the people and thus the legitimacy of their ruler vanishes. Certainly, real-world violence is unacceptable. Yet despair? Outrage? Frustration? Those are all important to spread.

Therefore, we can do nothing but praise Hatred, for further rejecting the modern world. While the game most definitely rejects us, what difference does it make? It is only another step to oblivion for our broken, miserable society. It’s certainly a step in the right direction.

I just want to write about wrestling, dammit!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: All the proof of this crazy little adventure is available to be downloaded here.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Since according to Brianna Wu this is how you’re supposed to handle these things, you can donate to me here.

So last night I watched Wrestle Kingdom 9 and have 7 pages worth of notes on the matter. Since the piece I want to write about Dark Souls is going nowhere, I figure I’ll write my review for the show instead. Granted, since I’ll be breaking it down match-by-match and I only get a few hours a day, this’ll take some time.

Anyway, so I get out of work early today and can’t wait to go home and work on my review. Unfortunately, as I walk through the door, I’m confronted by my sister, who tells me that a threatening voicemail was left for me on the home phone. It seems that on twitter I’ve run afoul of one Bobby Olivera, who seems to have an issue with #GamerGate supporters. And here I am trying to lessen my activity in the movement…

Since the voicemail contains sensitive information, I’ll give you the general gist of it. Bobby directed it at my parents (both at work at the time) and tried to say that, as a kid “fresh out of high school”, (I’m actually 21) it would be a shame if I got targeted in some sort of anti-#GamerGate operation and my parents should talk to me about #GamerGate. In truth, it was hard to make out most of the time: sounds like Bobby’s been hitting the crack pipe again! This was followed up by a tweet telling me that if my dad didn’t answer his phone soon, the next call would be from his lawyer, and soon he’d be served papers.

Let me make one thing clear: Bobby is obviously bluffing. I’ve followed Todd Kincannon and I know that Bobby is full of hot air. He’s a washed up crackhead wife beating piece of shit who thinks that if he attacks widowed scholars and handicapped entrepreneurs enough he’ll get a nice big ol’ pat on the back from the rehab folk. Truth is, he’s got nothing. I’ve already talked to the police, and they’ve told me to keep me posted if he tries to contact me or my family again. In the mean time, I’ve already blocked his number, so that problem is already solved.

My personal twitter’s avatar is Sundowner for a reason, Bobby: I’m fucking invincible. So run along now, and let me get back to working on my blog.